Dustin shurback


My job as the owner is to empower staff in every department and ensure they have the tools necessary to keep moving forward. I also come up with visions of growth and development of our resort while including others within the company along the way.

Marlinda Shurback

OWNER/HR/Head of Reservations

My role on this team is to make sure your trip with us is met with the utmost customer care from the first reservation call to your check-out. Training our reservation reps is one of the best and fulfilling things I do! When I’m not doing reservations I am keeping the resort running on the back end with administrative work. As the owner alongside my husband, I am involved with helping grow the resort for our wonderful customers.

Rebecca Durham

Assistant Store Manager

My role on this team is to ensure all customers are receiving high-quality customer care and guarantee that your trip is an outstanding experience. My favorite part of the job is training reservation reps to represent our mission statement.

Trent Alik

Outdoor Operations Manager

My job as outdoor operations manager is being dedicated to the efficient and exceptional operation of outdoor activities, with a primary focus on ensuring customer satisfaction. My goal is to cultivate leadership qualities, fostering a culture of excellence across all aspects of life within our outdoor endeavors.

Parker Harris

Marketing Director

I’m here to link people to a fun & relaxing outdoor escape. Media serves as the gateway, but the ultimate destination is crafted through memories and smiles! 

Reid Schmit

IT Guru/Housekeeping/Inventory Manager

I’m the go-to guy for all things at our riverside retreat! As the Inventory Manager, I’m in charge of crafting a delightful collection of items inspired by the river. As the IT Manager, I make sure our technology weaves enchanting tales of the Elk River’s legacy. And in Housekeeping, I ensure every nook is sparkling, creating a dreamy experience for our guests.

Gary Duke

Event Coordinator

Gary is our Event Coordinator. We have a beautiful 3,600 sq foot event center on site. We have had the pleasure of hosting many weddings, parties, fundraisers and more. Gary is there to make sure everything goes smoothly for your day whatever the occasion. You can also find him grilling up mouthwatering “Texas Jack” Steaks on the weekends. 

Bill Hayes 

Maintenance Manager

I am humbly the backbone of this entire resort. I make sure all things maintenance are taken care of for each and every one of our guests. With the expansion of our resort, year after year, it has become quite the operation. Luckily I have been blessed with two positive and hard-working guys under my wing. My goal is to build them up to be even better at my role here. 

Jessica Bostick

Group Ambassador

Jess is our group ambassador. She handles the larger groups that need a little more preparation before arriving. She helps you as the reservation owner make sure everything is in order for you and for us before arriving so the fun can start right when you get here!