We are more than just a business; we are a close-knit family. Our deep sense of pride comes from supporting and uplifting our valued staff, as they are the cornerstone of our success. Every member of our family is dedicated to ensuring your experience is exceptional. Each year, we strive to enhance our offerings, introduce fresh ideas, and make each summer better than the last. We can’t wait to see you at our Midwest summer getaway!

Contact Us

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Email us any question(s) you might have about your future trip. We will answer as promptly as possible, and ensure you know all there is to know about your float or stay.

Meet the Team

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This is our core management team. Each individual specializes in a specific area or department. With the combination of our strengths, we are able to provide the best summer getaway in our little paradise for all of our guests.


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You can now put in applications for all positions online. It’s quick and easy. If you prefer pen & paper, you can stop by our office and pick up an application.


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Discover the wonders of nature, the beauty of Elk River, the joys of camping, and the excitement of float trips through our blog.

Photo Gallery

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Since taking ownership in 2020, we have accumulated thousands of photos of all of our guests having a blast. We update this gallery occasionally so if you and your group aren’t on there… you will be soon enough. Take a look!